Marc Brel is an American humorist and schlemazel who focuses on the comical side of narcissistic, blundering tyrants.  His first joke book, The Grass is Always Greener Over the Mass Graves: The Wit of Joey Stalin was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, but failed to win because there is, regrettably, no Pulitzer Prize category for joke books, and self-nominations are not allowed.  However, he does have a National Book Award, which he bought on eBay.  His other works include Despots Say the Darndest Things, and The Sound and the Furher: How Hitler Amused the Reichstag with Flatulence Noises.

The Trump Administration and Other Jokes is his eighth or ninth book.  We've lost track.

Coming soon from Marc Brel: The Catcher in the Covfefe.

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