The Trump Administration and Other Jokes  is an outrageously hilarious collection of jokes, riddles and humorous verse about the 45th president, and the zany characters who are helping him ruin --oops, we mean run, the country. With a Foreword, a "Backward" and original art and poetry by The (fictional) Donald, it will help relieve PTSD (Post Trump-election Stress Disorder). Includes the short story, "The Last Day of the Trump Administration."
You're going to laugh so much, you're going to be sick and tired of laughing!

Theese eez very fahnny boook. I leff so hard I puke. Even weethout poot feenger down throat, like usual. And pliz dun tell me Meechelle say same zing.

Melania Trahmp


This book has laughs, but we have alternative laughs.

Kellyanne Conjob